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Finding the right college is a tough process.  Many students and their families think they know what colleges to target but end up making decisions that ultimately fall short of expectations.  This is often because they haven’t approached the application process effectively by positioning students for successful results at schools best suited for their strengths.  The college application process is lengthy, time consuming, and confusing.  It takes a lot of effort and energy, and hours of coordination and planning.  This can be very difficult and stressful for both students and parents, leaving everyone less than excited about college applications.

This is where Pathway College Consulting comes in.

By working closely with students and their families, I am able to get to know everyone’s hopes and wishes in terms of college outcomes.  I am also able to help tailor the students’ application lists to ones that are appropriate for their goals.  From there, I work closely with students through the entire application process, ensuring that colleges see the best possible application.  I am the one working directly with the student, taking the burden off of the parents to continuously have to manage the process.  While parents sit in on the initial meeting and help set target goals, I am the one ensuring the student meets deadlines and expectations from that point on.  This allows students and parents to focus on the fun of senior year, without the tension and hassle that often can come along with the college application process.

All of this is done in a caring, supportive, and collaborative environment, based on mutual respect, honesty, and a sense of humor.